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Herb Plants
We are gearing up for the 2014 season of CSA and herb harvesting. We will also have some herb plants for sale this year. Watch the event page for where and when. We still have some available shares in the CSA so check out that page for a summer of fresh fruits and vegetables. We've got lots of great herbal goodies in our online store and at the farm. Let the sun shine in.
Eloyce and Erin - the Garden Delights team Fresh natural produce and wholesome herb products for people and pets.
We are a mother daughter team who enjoy working in our gardens and flowers beds, then bringing delightful edibles and crafts to you. Our main products are herbal products for people and pets and a produce CSA. All our produce and herbs are grown naturally without herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Garden Delights may be found at the five acre Shamrock Acres Farm in Brush Prairie, Wa.
Featured Products
All natural herbal flea repellent pet collars
Flea Repellent Pet Collars
If you have tried chemical collars and found them unsatisfactory or just don't want to use them on your pets try our herbal collars. These herbal flea repellent collars are our most popular item.
Four sizes to fit most cats and dogs. Special orders for larger or even smaller pets can be arranged.
Catnip Pillow Toys
These soft pillows contain our fresh naturally grown catnip to give your cat super exercise or a place to rest their head. Toss and roll and live it up - they will have a great time.
Our Price: $4.00

Culinary Herb Blends
Put some pizazz in your cooking with these savory herb blends made from our locally grown all natural herbs. Less salt and enticing flavors will make your dishes as inviting as any TV chef.
Our Price: $5.00 for each glass jar

You can also find our products at Bi-Zi Farms, Battle Ground Produce, Neighbors Market, and Handmade Local Market.
Our Categories
Check out all our products listed below:
Herbal Flea Repellent Products -- Many pets find the chemical flea repellents a bit unhealthy. Some are even allergic to them. Our herbal flea repellent products contain only our naturally grown herbs including lavender, pennyroyal, feverfew, rosemary and southernwood. These products help repel fleas and soothe itchy skin. Pennyroyal is a natural insect repellent and in its dry form is safe for pets. On your pet or in their bed these safe herbal products will help keep the fleas away.
Culinary Herb Blends -- Spice up your life with Garden Delights herb blends! Tasty homecooked dishes don't have to contain a lot of salt. Herbs provide natural wholesome flavors to all your kitchen cooking adventures. Garden Delights provides these flavors in a variety of blended herbs for your convenience and cooking ease. Our herb blends come in glass jars with metal screw lids, both of which may be recycled. The glass jars, when kept in a dark cupboard, will keep the herbs fresh for up to twelve months. Each jar has a few suggestions for their use.
Herbal Gifts -- We create unique handcrafted items with herbs and flowers from our garden. These make excellent and unique gifts for family, friends, wedding or bridesmaid gifts.
Herbal Household Goods -- Our herbs are used in these wonderful and useful items for around the home.
Herbal Teas -- Just the scent of herbal tea wafting through the kitchen soothes the soul. So the taste of the unique combinations of herbs in Garden Delights' teas will soothe your tummy, relax your tired body, and help relieve stress!

Several varieties are available for your enjoyment.

Catnip Toys -- Fun Catnip toys for kitties of all ages!
Top Sellers
Here are some of the top-selling products in our store:
Flea Repellent Collars
Small Catnip Toys
Herbes de Provence
Dilly Dip/Dressing
Catnip Pillow